What are Singles Sites on Meetup

Here is an excerpt from one of the many groups and it pretty much goes like this for all of them. “We’re a bunch of fun and active 50 to 60+ singles who enjoy getting together for dinner, dancing, live music, wine-tasting, movies, regional theater, art exhibits, happy hour, stand-up comedy, brunch, ethnic food festivals, and a wide variety of local events”.

These are not dating sites but people do meet and make friends, relationships often form at different levels, and that’s great. Some couples meet through the groups and have actually married. If it’s a good group the coordinators work hard to make sure everyone who attends there meetup events feels safe and comfortable.

If you have not been on a date in a while you may want to start with a group that has one interest, maybe something like hiking or some other activity. There are also groups that are just dancing which are usually ran by a studio and offer discounts to groups.