What you need to know about the two most powerful GPS maps.

One thing you may not know is Google owns Waze. It was acquired in June 2013 for $966 million. One thing it does is removes its top competitor. This price tag signals to me some sort of integration in the future. There are however two distinct differences.


      1. GOOGLE Maps more data-based driven. Google Maps is a simple but powerful navigation tool that selects the quickest and most efficient route. It gives more detail for lane changes.
A Better Commute with Waze Carpool
  1. Waze just basically says “get in the left or right lane”.
    Waze is a “social map-app” offering real-time info such as road closures, road hazards, and real-time traffic conditions based on driver data.

Here are a few of the screens that are configurable in Waze adding features that are highly functional.










So what does this boil down to you may ask? For me, WAZE shows me where traffic cams and hazards on the road are from roadkill to potholes and construction, police to accidents but the best of this app other than the GPS feature is the social media connection. You have the ability to post photos, get 3 routes to pick from with times and miles.


The power of Waze is in your hands. By simply driving around with the Waze open on your device, you share real-time information that translates into traffic conditions and road structure. … Waze uses the information to calculate average speed, check for errors, improve road layout and learn road and turn direction.

One Comment

  • Does its primary function of navigation very very well. Waze has the option to say street names and many languages to choose from, including limited-time celebrity voices like Shaq and T-Pain. Waze tells you multiple times when you are coming closer and closer to your next turn. If there’s traffic reported, it’ll reroute you and try to avoid that traffic if possible. See next point for potential con regarding accuracy in Waze.
    Pretty good traffic, hazard and police detection. As a Wazer you have the power to report these things too with a few taps. The accuracy depends on other Wazers reporting things too, if nobody reports a police trap then you might still get caught if you rely solely on Waze to tell you.
    Good interface. Many people were turned off by the recent 4.0 update that revamped the interface but I don’t mind. It is good at suggesting directions to home or work based on what time I turn it on and it’s 90% correct. Also, it can connect with Google Calendar and remind you when it’s time to leave for your appointment, assuming you have the address in the event.

    Still takes too long to report things. After the 4.0 update, it was shortened to maybe 3 taps to report police or traffic with the quick report feature. It’s better but I should be able to make favorites that I can choose in one single tap. I still have to look at the screen to determine if it’s visible, hidden, what type of hazard, how much traffic, etc
    Waze is owned by Google but doesn’t integrate the feature in Google Maps where it tells you what lanes to be in. I really like that feature of GMaps and wish they could port it to Waze, I’m not sure why they don’t.
    Waze doesn’t give you directions for destinations further than 1,000 miles away. Not sure how much of a con this will be for day to day but something to note.
    When I have to navigate somewhere I have two main choices, Google Maps, and Waze. I choose Waze 95% of the time because I’m used to the interface and can find things quickly. Google maps are good because it has the lane indicators but I think most other stuff you can have in Waze. I also feel like Waze uses less data for the same route than Google Maps, which is good for people on limited data plans.

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