Selling on Amazon

I have struggled with amazon’s calculations since beginning to sell books on Amazon. At first, I thought “Wow how cool is this”. Then I started to dig deeper into the way they charge what they charge Amazon fees FBA Pick & Pack Fee ($1.06) Amazon fees FBA Weight Handling Fee ($0.85) Amazon fees Referral Fee on Item Price ($1.21) Amazon fees Variable Closing Fee ($1.35) Product charges $8.09 In this example above: the cost to sell a book for $8.09 is $4.47 leaving a profit of $3.62. This is amazons…

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Recovering From Loss

Live Every Day Like You Mean It

Getting out of the house is a good way to start. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be good to yourself. Go see a movie if you don’t want to interact with others right away, its OK! Go places that you went too together it may be hard but in time it will get easier and the sadness will turn into a fondness for good memories. How much time? Well, that all depends on how long it’s been and how soon you start. You may be…

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