Moving into an Apartment

At 72 you don’t get to have many firsts but today was one of them. I have my own apartment to decorate as I please and do anything I want when I want. My house is sold so I am liberated from that responsibility. It’s hard to explain it just feels different and it’s something that was on my bucket list for a long time. Here are some of the obstacles I came across along the way. Before packing up your things though, be aware that moving to a first apartment comes with a lot of responsibilities.

First I had to pack out the house but thinking I had lots of time and help I guess I thought it would never happen. I listed it on the 24th of the month and sold it on the 27th and in order for the sale to go through I had to be out in three weeks after the contract was ratified. Now I need to get moving to pack and do the repairs that came up in the home inspection. I can’t rave enough about my realtor without this particular realtor I don’t think I would have finished as fast as it did. I have a friend that had a three-bedroom house and was kind enough to let me stay for almost a month while I hunted for an apartment. Rent can be all over the place for what you can pay. I found them from $987.00 for a one-bedroom 830 sqft and up to $3,100.00 for a 1,000 sqft I used I found a two-bedroom apartment for $1,578.00 per month but it was at the end of the hall on the third floor but I almost took it, in fact, I put a deposit on it. Then I found the one shown in the photo a nice little Villa for 55 and older.

Here is how Affordable Senior Housing Works.

Just click download to get your four-page PDF Showing how it works.


If the number of eligible exemptions is:  Your family Virginia adjusted income must be less than:
1 $12,060
2 $16,240
3 $20,420
4 $24,600
5 $28,780
6 $32,960
7 $37,140
8 $41,320

I have a 2 bedroom apartment that’s 925 sqft it’s a bit smaller than I thought I would be happy with and I’m doing a lot of rearranging back and forth between the 10′ X 10′ Storage unit I still have. I had two ten by ten units and a five by five I’m hoping to stay with the one ten by ten until I find a house with my daughter then we can move what’s left into that house freeing up $156.00 per month for me.