Live Every Day Like You Mean It

Getting out of the house is a good way to start. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be good to yourself. Go see a movie if you don’t want to interact with others right away, its OK! Go places that you went too together it may be hard but in time it will get easier and the sadness will turn into a fondness for good memories. How much time? Well, that all depends on how long it’s been and how soon you start. You may be thinking “I can’t do this at my age” or you may feel “people will think poorly of you”. If you are as lucky as me people encouraged me to start getting out after the first six months by suggesting I do something with my time so I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself they even said my wife wouldn’t want me to be unhappy. You need to realize its OK for you to have your own life it’s like learning to walk again starting with small steps they take time but before you know it you will be taking bigger steps. The main thing to keep focused on is whatever you do does not in any way minimize or disrespect the life you had and the one you love. Remember it’s only you turning to a new chapter so make every day count and live it like you mean it.