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How to Find Missing Money.

How to find missing money.

Everyone gets junk mail and if you’re like me you don’t even open most or all of it. I got one letter that caught my eye so I opened it and it was from a company that claimed I had money that was owed to me if my name was “SO and SO”. I was on my way to the trash can when something I saw caught my eye, so I went to my computer and did a GOOGLE search for Missing Money and found several videos from ABC and NBC news stations. Here’s a video of one of the newscasts. After digging a bit deeper I found it was true there are hundreds of millions of dollars that go unclaimed. So where and how do you look for it and how do you claim it? I have provided a link to each state, just click on your state and fill out your name and click search to see if you have money that belongs to you. I checked one state and found I have two amounts totaling $123.00 owed to me. All I did was print out the form, signed and mailed them to my state’s treasury. You can be sure I will search other states where I have lived.

Alabama Hawaii Mississippi Oregon West Virginia
 ———-I———  ———-P———
Alaska Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania Wisconsin
Alberta Canada Illinois Montana Puerto Rico Wyoming
Arizona Indiana Nebraska Rhode Island
Arkansas Iowa Nevada South Carolina
———-C——-  ———-K——–
California Kansas New Hampshire South Dakota
Colorado Kentucky New Jersey Tennessee
Connecticut Louisiana New Mexico Texas
 ———-D——  ———-M——–
Delaware Maine New York Utah
District of Columbia Maryland North Carolina Vermont
Florida Massachusetts North Dakota Virgin Islands
 ———-G——  ———-O——
Georgia Michigan Ohio Virginia
Guam Minnesota Oklahoma Washington


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