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  1. Steve L.

    I Took your advice about finding a Meetup group for seniors and I was surprised to have found 3 in my area. I went to one on Friday and although I was very nervous everyone seemed to be very nice I will be going to one of the RSVPs I signed up for to attend a dance at a church. This will be a lot of fun I can not wait for Friday. This is the first time I found myself looking forward to something in quite a while.

  2. admin

    I’m happy for you Jeff. Glad you found the information useful. I hope more folks will post the results of their search and what if any money they got back.

  3. Jeff M.

    I love the post that showed how to get back money that was being held by the state treasury. I sent in a claim form two weeks ago and received my check from Tenn. today for $136.00 Thank You 60 by 70.

  4. Sara

    Hi Steve,
    My name is Sara (aka: “whoopygirl”). I find the posted articles on dating for seniors pretty good. The author is very insightful, and a lot of what he says is right on. I love this site because its going to be a fun way to share what we know about dating during the “late vintage years”. Kind of like aged bottles of wine that have not yet turned to vinegar! You said that the lady you have been dating, doesn’t share the same interests as you do? let me share with you a secret… women are thrilled when a guy shows enthusiasm for HER favorite activities. I know I’m attracted to men who show me that they want to please me in EVERY way! So if he’s willing to plant pansies in my garden it signals that he going in the right direction! TeeHee!

  5. Steve

    In the article, you wrote “You like her” gives good advice. I had not thought that far along and the woman I started dating does not like to do most of the things I enjoy. I for one would like to see more of your thoughts about this. Kudos

  6. Sara

    It’s so nice that you are sharing wonderful information for those of us who are of a certain “vintage”!

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