Challenges facing seniors

Some of the challenges facing seniors are that more than half of all retired seniors count on social security for half of their income. The other 50% of seniors count on Social Security for at least 90% of their income. (Data collected from NIH)

This will be further impacted in 2018 by yet another cost increase in Medicare part B changes which in all probability cause supplemental health insurance rates to rise. There is little we can do to change any of these items above and I can go on for hours quoting numbers and yelling the sky is falling but the truth is no one knows where it will end.

I am going to talk about some of the opportunities that are out there that can supplement your income and put cash in your pocket. I am not going to try to sell anything or try to get you to send me money. All I want to do is help those that are in the same boat I was after my wife passed away. I will only tell you this I have been turned down for survivors benefits, as well as disability. I am not able to live on my retirement alone and I know many of you are in the same boat as I am. Even if you’re not right now at some point you may be. Even if you are living comfortably wouldn’t it be nice to take off on that vacation or go to some nicer restaurants and not have to look for the blue plate specials?